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  Business Services

Wavetech Consultancy Ltd provide the following services:

  Software Development

  Requirements Analysis

  System Integration

  IT System Design and Support

  Internet Hosting

  Website Development

  eCommerce Solutions

  Website SEO

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  Software, Web and eCommerce Development

Software Development  Once your requirements are captured we will produce a Functional Design Specification. Everything depends on the FDS because without one how do we know when we have completed it?, how do you know what you expect to be delivered? and how can we all test it?. We develop software to fit your requirements in terms of functionality and hardware / software platform.

Web and eCommerce we have developed sites from small company sites to large 2000+ product eCommerce sites. Its your site so you need to get involved, we work with you to achieve your goal. We can provide domain hosting and email services in a total solution or work with your current providers.


Product / Solution Evaluation   Evaluating products from multiple suppliers can take time and effort. We can evaluated the products and solutions against your requirements.
Business Intelligence  Want to know a marketplace?


  Website SEO

Is your website in the top Search engines?
Although no one can guarantee to get your website into a top search engine.

We have many years experience in website SEO and can advise on changes that can be made to improve your position. Contact us for more details and a free consultation