PinPoint 2.0
Address Data Cleansing System.

PPE, BA and Asset Management System. Cradle to Grave tracking and tracing.
Availability Management System
Workforce Scheduling and Attendance Management

IRS Data Transfer
Data Transfer to and From DCLG IRS System



  PinPoint 2.0

PinPoint 2.0 - Address Data Cleansing Pinpoint 2.0 from Wavetech Consultancy provides an integrated solution for your address cleansing requirements..

Primarily developed for cleansing Fire Service Incidents the system is configurable to handle multiple data sources and various matching algorithms.

Addresses that PinPoint 2.0 cannot match can be manually searched, selected and Approved. OS Address Point or NLPG can be used to match against.


waveAM - PPE, BA and Asset Mananement System waveAM is an integrated PPE, BA and Asset Management system

  Availability Management System

Fire Service Availabillity Management System Fire Service crew and personnel availability management is a complex subject. We have developed a system that is currently deployed in Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

SFRS use the system to manage the retained elements of there crewing with an upgrade for daycrewed stations being implemented Q1 2008.

Availability can up updated through a client application that is designed to run under citrix, via SMS or a web interface. Resources statuses can be displayed on a map display in real-time or a selected date time combination.

  IRS Data Transfer

Fire Service IRS Data Link Incident Data Transfer By the end of March 2009 each of the Fire Services in England must be able to complete an Electronic version of the IRS form and transfer it to DCLG.

Wavetech Consultancy can provide are providing an application that will pre-populate the IRS system from a Command and Control system. The Fire Service will then complete the IRS form online, once complete and published the data will be retrieved automatically into a SQL server based data warehouse.